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OFAC - Department of the Treasury

Things are changing very fast, and it has never been so easy for americans to travel legally to Cuba and is now possible to travel under the GENERAL people to people educational licence. Authorized trips are expected to be led by the organization and have a full-time schedule of activities in which the travelers will participate. Organization’s activities qualify for the general license, and the individual may rely on the entity sponsoring the travel to satisfy his or her recordkeeping requirement. Individuals qualify also for the general people to people educational licence, if have full time scheduled activities. Failure to keep records means that the individual’s activities do not qualify for the general license. Individuals and groups qualify also for the general license for workshops and clinics (for example a photo-workshop or a clinic about shark awarness) provided that the event is open for attendance, and in relevant situations participation, by the Cuban public. Get the license. Enclosed you find the TRAVEL AFFIDAVIT (this form will indicate which license you will be traveling under - Box 6b and 8b)


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