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Crocodiles posing for the camera

One of the biggest attractions in Jardines de la Reina are the Crocodiles, people are crazy about them, and it is because here there are the best chances for photographers to take great shots of this beautiful animal.

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Mangroves superphotos

Mangroves and seagrasses are essential habitats in Jardines de La Reina, one of the main reasons why the reefs and fish populations in Jardines are so intact and rich, is the exuberant mangrove system in the gulf of Ana Maria and keys along the Archipelago.

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Underwater photos from Cayo Largo del Sur

As promised I’m posting my first underwater photos from Cayo Largo del Sur a few days ago. I finally had the opportunity to jump into the water with my camera and although the water was a bit milky because of the winds of the first (very weak) cold front of this season, still something could be done and now I share them with you with a great pleasure, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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Cayo Largo Photosub. Part II

Hi friends! this is my last report of interesting pictures from the underwater photography world championship of CMAS in Cayo Largo. This time showing the coral reefs and some of its most common inhabitants (this includes divers) seen during the dives in the crystal clear waters of this wonderful place of the Caribbean.

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Cayo largo’s Photosub

It’s been some time since my first publication, as starting to work in a new place involves a process of adaptation, then we are here in Cayo Largo del Sur, Cuba, another beautiful dive destination where the Underwater Photography World Championship took place a few months ago.

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Noel's Gardens of the Queen

Noel Lopez is perhaps the most ingenious underwater photographer in the world. When you are born and bred in a country that has been under sanction by the world’s biggest economy since the 1960’s, you have to be very resourceful in order to take up the challenge of shooting spectacular underwater pictures.

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