Diving in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba.

Just 500 divers each year get to see the Caribbean as it was 60 years ago.


Untouched marine ecosystems

The largest populations of adult fish in the Caribbean, such as sharks, snappers, groupers and jewfish of up to 400 pounds.

Marine parks

Ecological & responsible diving

An ecological paradise for ecotourism lovers. We don't condone the mishandling, feeding or harassment of marine life.



Accommodations are provided primarily on large live aboards or on our original 110-foot double deck houseboat, the Tortuga.



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The ultimate sharks paradise

Shark dives are one of the main attractions in Gardens of the Queen. Expect to dive with 6 different species: Caribbean, Silky, Lemon, Blacktip, Nurse and if you fortunate the Great hammerhead.

Imagine no commercial fishing of any kind, no inhabitants, no industry of any form and only one dive operator.

What can you find in Gardens of the Queen?

  • Black, Tiger, and the ginormous Goliath groupers.
  • Tons of sharks swimming over lush reefs.
  • Congregations of Silky sharks in blue water.
  • Tarpons also known as the Silver Kings! (Megalops atlanticus).
  • Get up-close with saltwater crocodiles (above and underwater).
  • Spectacular mangrove forests.
  • Lush pristine reefs swarming with fishes.
  • Friendly Hutia (Capromys pilorides) – endemic to Cuba.
  • Possible encounter with the Great Hammerhead.

Extra-Comfort yatchs or simple diving boats

Accommodations are provided primarily on large live aboards. Enjoy 75 miles of turquoise waters of turquoise waters ahead of you. You can truly settle in and really focus on enjoying your diving.

  • Our top luxury boat, perfect to accommodate 18 divers

  • Our original 110-foot double deck houseboat. A floating hotel with eight guest cabins

  • The Halcón has recently been refurbished; it is perfect for groups of twelve divers.

  • La Reina is a comfortable sixty-nine foot yacht, fully refurbished

  • The newest of our boats: 125 feet in length, 4 decks. The Vessel started operating in April 2014

  • A brand new live-aboard. Scuba diving adventures in new diving sites!



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