Diving in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba.

No more than 1200 divers per year to visit this untouched marine sanctuary that resembles the Caribbean as it was in the times of the Discovery.


Untouched marine ecosystems

The biggest concentration of adult fish in the Caribbean, the healthiest populations of sharks, snappers, groupers, huge mangrove systems, reptiles, birds, impressive coral formations.

Marine parks

Ecological & responsible diving

The paradise for ecotourism lovers. We are involved in several research programs, protection initiatives, park management and environmental education for divers.



Accommodations are provided on Liveaboards or in our 110-foot double deck houseboat, the Tortuga. Our boats have private cabins, AC, power 110-220 Volts, Hot water, Jacuzzi and TV.



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The ultimate sharks paradise

Diving with sharks is one of the main attractions in Gardens of the Queen. There are resident populations of “Caribbeans” and “Silkies”,in some spots is absolutely guaranteed to have more than 25 curious sharks swimming around during the dive, at least 6 different species can be seen: Very abundant: Caribbean, Nurse and Silky sharks, occasional: Lemon, Blacktip, Great and Scalloped Hammerhead and the amazing Whale Shark.

The only allowance for commercial fishing in the park is a very restricted lobster fishing in the north, there are no inhabitants, no tourism or development of any kind, y very rare to see boats other than the few of Avalon, the only dive operator in the whole Arquipelago.

What can you find in Gardens of the Queen?

Luxury boats absolutely alone in many miles

Boats absolutely alone in many miles of turquoise waters. Wake up in a luxurious cabin and look through the window: all you´ll see is lonely sandy beaches, blue waters and magrove islands. There is no one else there! Only your boat in many miles of wilderness. Our boats stay in exclusive loneliness, 60 miles off the Cuban southern coast, for an unforgettable week.

  • Our top luxury boat, perfect to accommodate 18 divers

  • Our original 110-foot double deck houseboat. A floating hotel with eight guest cabins

  • The Halcón has recently been refurbished; it is perfect for groups of twelve divers.

  • La Reina is a comfortable sixty-nine foot yacht, fully refurbished

  • The newest of our boats: 125 feet in length, 4 decks. The Vessel started operating in April 2014

  • A brand new live-aboard. Scuba diving adventures in new diving sites!



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