See the biosphere reserve in western Cuba

Amazing Species

Ecological & responsible diving The paradise for ecotourism lovers.

Untouched marine ecosystems

The healthiest populations of sharks, snappers, groupers, huge mangrove systems, reptiles, birds, impressive coral formations

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We run a low-impact operation emphasizing on environmentalism, conservation and safety and the goal of sharing the beauty of Gardens of the Queen with others.

Cuba Conservation and Legality for US citizens

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Jardines Avalon IV

This amazing 180 foot vessel will be permanently moored in Jardines de la Reina and will feature 20 staterooms..


Jardines Avalon III

The 160 foot Jardines Avalon III is a luxury motor yacht with 15 staterooms, including 4 suites with balcony..


Jardines Avalon II

Jardines Avalon II is a 136' long and 25' wide steel yacht, it was built and maintained to SOLAS shipping standards..


Jardines Avalon I

The Jardines Avalon I has a total of 10 rooms with 2 being convertible queen size cabins featuring side by side beds..


Jardines Avalon F II

130 feet in length, 4 decks. The Vessel started operating in April 2014..


Jardines Avalon F I

Jardines Avalon F I has great accommodations for up to 18 guests in 8 Staterooms: two Staterooms back from..


Jardines de la Reina

The Cuban Archipelago "Jardines de la Reina" comprises a whole set of islands, keys, islets and banks located..


Zapata Swamp

Zapata Swamp, a UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserve in western Cuba, would one day stop using the forest..


Blue Sanctuary

Learn more about the conservation efforts in Cuba..

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Diving in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba.

No more than 3000 divers per year to visit this untouched marine sanctuary that resembles the Caribbean as it was in the times of the Discovery.