Traveler advice: Cuba’s mobile network capacity is limited. Our experience with U.S. mobile phones in Cuba is that calls work fine but Internet access is limited or non-existent. Even on WiFi Internet, we experienced blocked access to some useful sites including: Google (gmail, google analytics), Citibank and a news site, Business Insider. Oddly, we were able to access gmail via our smartphone but not from desktop.

There is a virtual stampede of travelers headed to Cuba now that commercial flights have started flying most of the 110 daily approved routes authorized by the U.S. and Cuban governments.

Cuba is different from most travel destination and is certainly different from the rest of the Caribbean: it is beautifully unspoiled. Despite having more beaches, historic architecture, dancers, singers, rum, art, cigars, protected ecosystems, coral reefs, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and history than any other island in the Caribbean, Cuba’s relative isolation from the U.S. has resulted in travelers having to plan and accommodate more than usual. But it’s worth it.





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