In a quarter of diving/snorkeling several barracudas are observed!!! Schools of tarpon are spotted more than 10 % of the times!!! Harems of hogfishes are seen more frequently than anywhere else!!! One of out of five times, mutton snapper, reef shark, silky sharks schools are record!!


In a quarter of diving/snorkeling several cubera and dog snappers are observed!!! Several goliath grouper are spotted on almost 20 % of times!!! In one third of the times several Nassau groupers, lobsters and jacks (horse eye, crevalle and yellow) are seen!!! More than 10 blacks groupers per time are record more frequently than anywhere else!!

In more than half of the times several yellowfin groupers are observed!!! One out of ten times several tiger groupers, green moray, eagle rays, hawksbill turtle, southern rays, whiptail rays are spotted!!! A coral reef healthy key stone species, the black urchin, exceeds one hundred specimens in almost one third of the times!!

Goliath Grouper

The exotic invasive species, lionfish, is seen in lower numbers than anywhere else!!! In one third of the times nurse shark is record!!! Several large parrotfishes, such as rainbow and midnight, and permit are observed up to one out of five times!!! Large schools of blue tangs and Queen triggerfishes are spotted one out of seven times!!! All these facts show how well preserved is Jardines de la Reina National Park thanks to all supporters, especially you!!

Fabian Piña


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